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Nurturing the roots of every student.

Sprig Learning connects students, teachers, caregivers and the community to improve learning outcomes and bring context to the classroom.

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Better Learning

Personalize learning with context and collaboration.

Our program uses engaging technology to tailor instruction to the individual needs, values and interests of every student.

Holistic Learning

Sprig’s holistic assessment and learning platform engages teachers and parents to support learning at home, in school and in the community.

Digital + Physical

Colourful characters come to life with storybooks, puppets and digital learning apps promoting balance and engagement with every student.


Sprig's online platform provides students, parents and teachers with targeted learning activities that connect learning in the classroom and home.

In Action

A universal program for unique students.

Sprig’s Oral Language Learning Program uses universal language learning principles and sound pedagogical research to improve learning outcomes in any language.

See how Sprig has improved early literacy for Mi’kmaw children in Nova Scotia.

“The opportunity to understand a child’s learning needs and interests through their family, community and classroom allows us to support the child’s learning journey with one goal in mind: the success for the child.”

- Blaire Gould, Mi’Kmaw Language Coordinator


The Sprig Learning ecosystem.

Our platform offers a variety of digital and physical features that work together to improve learning outcomes, engage caregivers and personalize learning paths.

Engaging Storybooks

Prepare students for our learning program with a series of levelled classroom readers, including access to an interactive digital bookshelf app.

Interactive Puppets

Promote fun and deeper assessment results with a loveable, familiar puppet that interacts with technology, engages learners and breaks traditional assessment bias.

Formative Assessments

Paint a complete picture of a student’s oral language development by assessing learning holistically in the home, school and community.

Personalized Learning

Gain access to real-time assessment data for educators that supports immediate and personalized instruction for every student.

Caregiver Engagement

Connect caregivers to their child’s learning journey with home-based learning activities linked directly to student assessment data.

Comprehensive Portals

Explore data housed in our interactive portals that allows educators to better inform instruction and caregivers to support learning where it’s needed most.


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